Marie France David M.ED, Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple and Family Therapist

[email protected] (514) 683-3446

It is sometimes the case that we are facing problems which seem insurmountable or that we can’t implement a change that we really wish for. Therapy can be a supportive and helpful mean for people facing these types of situations.

As a psychoeducator and a couple and family therapist, I work with you to understand the situation you are facing, and to support you with what you will want to do with it. My practice is based on the principle that each of us has a capacity to resolve our dilemmas. Therapy can help you become aware of obstacles that are preventing you to move forward or bring about changes you wish for. This understanding will then be a key element for you to be able to address a situation differently. In order to accomplish this, we will have various discussions about your present and past experiences.

My studies began with a bachelor degree in psychoeducation. This led me to work with children and their families experiencing various difficulties in public and private schools. Afterwards, I completed a Master’s degree in psychopedagogy, as well as a couple and family therapy program at the Jewish General Hospital. Over the years, I built my practice in child psychiatry, a private clinic, and now in the Youth Mental Health clinic of a CLSC.

Finally, I am bilingual, French and English. I am a member of l’Ordre des Psychoéducateurs et Psychoéducatrices du Québec, l’Ordre des Travailleurs Sociaux et Thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.