Counselling Services

montreal family counselling

Family Therapy

Raising children in today’s hectic world is particularly challenging for many parents and requires dealing with numerous stressors that may, unfortunately, negatively impact families as their members grow and change. Family therapy is an option that can help strengthen and improve the quality of relationships within these families. Family therapy addresses the needs of each… → Family Therapy

montreal couples counselling

Relationship Counselling

Difficult Relationships Is there someone in your life that you love but with whom you find yourself struggling to feel good? Do you find yourself having the same arguments over and over again? Do you feel diminished and unsupported in a close relationship? Have you been betrayed by someone that you love? Is your relationship… → Relationship Counselling

illness counselling

Illness Counselling

Living with an acute or chronic illness Have you or a significant other recently been diagnosed with an illness? Has illness imposed unexpected changes in your personal, couple or family life? Are you feeling overwhelmed by a diagnosis and living with feelings of uncertainty about what follows? Are you feeling as though an overall sense… → Illness Counselling

montreal anxiety

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is an inevitable part of modern life. It’s important to realize that there are many situations that come up in everyday life where it is appropriate and reasonable to react with some anxiety. Anxiety disorders are different from everyday normal anxiety in that they involve anxiety that is more intense, lasts longer or may… → Anxiety Therapy

grief and loss counselling

Grief & Loss Counselling

Have you experienced the shock of a sudden and unexpected loss of a person very close to you? Have you witnessed the slow deterioration of a parent, or friend where his former vitality has disappeared? Do you feel helpless? Are you living with “something missing” or “a hole in your heart”? Do you notice a… → Grief & Loss Counselling

montreal depression

Depression Therapy

Are you wondering if you are depressed? Take this depression self-assessment to see whether you have symptoms of depression If you are feeling suicidal… When you’re feeling extremely depressed or suicidal, problems don’t seem temporary, they seem overwhelming and permanent. If you are feeling suicidal, know that there are many people who want to support… → Depression Therapy

montreal school problems

School Counselling

Overcoming Problems at School School can be a tough place for a child. Students are expected to follow the rules, do their work, maintain good grades and socialize with peers. Many children have difficulty meeting these expectations. Every parent dreads hearing negative feedback from their child’s school. It is often hard to avoid becoming upset… → School Counselling